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Histion’s scientific and technical expertise has been gained from over 25 years of experience developing  products for the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries and over 30 years pf experience testing products at preclinical contract research facilities. 



Our unique combination of a broad scientific knowledge base, extensive hands-on surgical experience and an in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements across industries, uniquely positions Histion to provide added value to our clients' pre-clinical and clinical testing requirements.


Unique Experience

We have experience with a broad range of product types including novel biomaterials (metals and polymers), drugs, biologics (proteins, peptides, DNA and RNA-based products) and delivery devices (cutaneous, percutaneous, implantable, injectable and ingestible) for a wide variety of clinical applications.

Management Team

Peggy Lalor, PhD


Founder, President and CEO

Dr. Lalor is a co-founder of Histion and an accomplished researcher with greater than 30 years of experience in innovative research and product development for the biomedical industry. She specializes in the development and evaluation of novel pharmaceuticals and medical devices (including clinical retrieval analysis) and in developing novel test models. Dr. Lalor came to Histion after 5+ years at Vical, Incorporated, where she served as Executive Director of the Department of Preclinical Safety and Efficacy. During that time, she also provided consulting services to the medical device industry through her company, PAL BioTechnology Consulting. Dr. Lalor has held a variety of additional research positions including Director of R&D for GenSci Orthobiologics Incorporated (currently SeaSpine), Director of Bone Biology for SkeleTech, Inc., Principal Research Scientist for Howmedica Incorporated, a Division of Pfizer (currently Stryker Ltd.). She also held a staff position at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Lalor received her PhD in Experimental Pathology from the University of London, London, UK. She has authored multiple chapters and peer reviewed journal articles focused on the testing of a variety of pharmaceutical, biological and medical device products. Her work has contributed greatly to the successful advancement of a broad range of products, through to clinical trials and product launch.  

Simon C. Smith, BSc MIBMS


Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Simon Smith is a co-founder of Histion and is well-established in the industry, having broad experience with drugs, devices and novel materials, and a unique ability to match material properties of devices with embedding media and work with 3-dimensional changes post-surgery to ensure consistent capture of the region of interest. He has over 30 years of experience providing high quality histology for academic and clinical institutions as well as pharmaceutical and medical device companies. He has served in key supervisory and scientific positions in multiple companies and academic laboratories including SkeleTech Inc.; Stryker Ltd., Howmedica, Inc., the London Hospital School of Medicine, the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine and the London Hospital Medical College. Most recently, he was on staff at the Allen Institute where he was responsible for implementation of high throughput histology platforms, most notably, the ISH platform technology that resulted in production of the Allen Brain Atlas. Mr. Smith received his BSc in Human Biology at the Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford, UK and his MIBMS at the University of Westminster, London, UK where he specialized in cellular pathology. He has been a key contributor to multiple articles published in a variety of peer reviewed journals including Nature.

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