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In our GLP-compliant laboratory, experienced technicians produce routine and specialty histology for our clients. Our facilities are fully equipped and include a cryostat for frozen sections, microtomes for cutting paraffin and plastic (including whole body) sections, x-ray and digital imaging systems for high quality microradiographs of both large (including ruminant spines) and small specimens, precision trimming, cutting and grinding systems, as well as automated tissue processor and staining and labeling equipment to ensure high quality, reproducible results. Our experience-based knowledge of comparative anatomy and temporal changes associated with disease and surgical models enables us to ensure clear visibility of the region of interest for both pharmaceutical and particularly, medical device applications. Even with biomaterials that are “difficult” or “impossible” to process, our extensive knowledge of materials chemistry enables preservation of intact tissue/material interfaces and even recovery of data from poorly embedded specimens obtained from external histology laboratories.

In addition to routine processing of frozen tissue and fixed, paraffin- and plastic-embedded soft tissues, Histion specializes in processing of plastic-embedded hard tissues with and without medical devices. Other specialties include histochemistry, immunohistochemical labeling (including methyl-methacrylate-embedded specimens) and immunohistochemistry methods development. 

Data analysis and interpretation can be performed by Histion, or if preferred, by the client.

Routine Histology

Histion provides routine histology of soft (frozen and paraffin-embedded) and hard tissues (plastic-embedded). Routine stains for soft tissue include H&E, Saffranin O, Masson’s trichrome, Verhoeff van Gieson, PAS, Golgi, and many others. Routine stains for samples containing hard tissue include H&E, Goldner’s trichrome, Saffranin O, Von Kossa and Toluidine blue

Specialized Histology

In addition to routine histology, Histion specializes in histology for the Medical Device Industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables precision cutting and grinding of both hard and soft tissues containing medical devices, ensuring accurate visualization of the region of interest. Our experience is broad and spans a variety of species and implant materials including, but not limited to PMMA, PEEK, PLA, PLG, Delrin, Nitinol, CoCr, TiAlV, SS, ceramic and metal/polymer, polymer/biologic, and metal/ceramic combination devices.

Stains for specialty histology include Toluidine blue, H&E, Goldner’s trichrome, and others modified in-house specifically for plastic-embedded specimens.

Histochemistry and Immunohistochemistry

Histochemistry [e.g., tartrate resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) staining for osteoclasts] and immunohistochemical labeling are also offered to our clients. Automated labeling ensures reproducible immunolabeling results for paraffin-embedded tissues. In addition, our extensive experience has enabled us to successfully develop new immunolabeling methods including one method for immunolabeling of methyl-methacrylate-embedded tissues containing medical devices.


Contact microradiographs can be taken of even large samples (e.g., spines and total hip replacements) with our state-of-the-art x-ray and digital processing equipment. Digital processing also provides a powerful analytical tool for our clients, enabling quantitative bone density measurements.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality services that meet our clients' product development needs in a reliable and timely manner. 

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